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MR28LO Cylinder Lock Twin Pack

Impervious to bolt cutters and saws, the high-security MR28LO Cylinder Padlock is a top performer with cylinder lock/latch systems. And it’s available now in a convenient twin pack, the MR28LOT, with 2 keyed-alike 28mm cylinder locks and 4 keys.

Fits all standard cylinder-style latches

  • 7-pin barrel key design with thousands of key differs
  • Anti-pick and punch resistant
  • Built in overlock feature (overlock key sold separately)
  • Chrome-plated brass construction
  • Lifetime warranty

Value priced as low as $9.99 each

Managers Only

Successful self-storage facility operations require padlocks for a managers use only. Move ’N Store offers a superior selection of keyed-alike, color-coded padlocks for your daily operations such as securing vacant spaces and over-locking tenants’ padlocks. Move ’N Store colored KAs are available in high-security, stainless-steel disc padlocks, cylinder locks or, value-priced vacant unit locks and seals.

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Retail Product Placement: How High is Too High?

The average eye-height of a woman is 59 inches from the floor while the average eye-height of a man is 64 inches from the floor. So, what eye-level is best?

On average, customers first notice products when they stand four feet away from a fixture or wall display. Also, it has been shown that the best viewing angle is 15% below the horizontal. Consequently, the best average eye-height is 51 inches to 53 inches from the floor. This is the most effective space in which to stock and display products and is referred to as the "impact zone."

The impact zone contains the average eye-height and is 3.5 feet to 6.5 feet from the floor. Place items in this zone that you want to be noticed first.

The area above the impact zone is called the "top zone" and is 6.5 feet and higher. Products in this space will not be noticed as readily but, after customers view what’s below, they will move to this zone. It’s a good place to stock extras of what’s stocked below or related products.

The "bottom zone" is 3.5 feet or less and is usually the last area customers notice. It’s a good place to show items in bulk and back stock of goods you’ve placed on the wall or adjacent fixtures.

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